Thursday and Friday…#FollowThatCouch to Vulcan Park!

Thursday and Friday...#FollowThatCouch to Vulcan Park!

For the next two days, Vulcan Park will be hosting the Red Couch tour. Stop Thursday or Friday to see the Couch, take a photo and learn more about your heart disease risk factors. Vulcan Park is located at 1701 Valley View Drive, atop Red Mountain.

Also, remember that Red Couch No. 2 is at Macy’s in Brookwood Village today through the end of the week. During business hours, shoppers at the Macy’s department store inside Brookwood Village will have a chance to experience the Red Couch tour firsthand. Stop by the in-store display, take a selfie on the Couch and pick up some important information about heart disease risk factors.

What do you do when you see The Red Couch? – When you happen upon our sofa, be sure to take a photo (selfies are encouraged) and upload it using the #FollowThatCouch hashtag. You’ll be able to grab info explaining heart disease risk factors and how you can control them. Visit for more details. Tell your friends!

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