SATURDAY: Red Couch stopping at St. Vincent’s East, Faith Chapel Christian Center

Saturday, the Red Couch will be at St. Vincent’s East (50 Medical Park East Drive, 35235) from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m., celebrating St. Vincent’s Heart Day. Later that day, the Couch moves to Faith Chapel Christian Center in Wylam (100 Lexington Street, 35224) for a noon to 2 p.m. tour stop.

For more on these stops, log on to or follow our Twitter feed, @followthatcouch.

The Red Couch campaign’s goal is to encourage those impacted by cardiovascular diseases to share their stories and help raise awareness of the nation’s No. 1 health threat. Staff and volunteers from the American Heart Association will be on-hand to film those who wish to share their stories on camera, and a special YouTube channel has been set up to host those stories. At each Red Couch appearance, information on how to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases will be distributed.

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